Of Distinction

Cartesian y, x
Again circled as tangent’s
Never ending edge


She Is

Nothing, but to use the patron
cork as a pincushion. Should
zin blush more appropriately?
Maybe noticing rosé stains on
paper would clue. You stuck it
without a blind sigh. High on
proof of feelings of deepest
blue, seeping through yellow
tell all green naïveté, jealousy,
forestry like the sherpa that


The middle of winter
I’m in spring, hiking,
Not Alone, I swear I
Cried like a waterfall
Into scenery’s guide
With it’s arms wide,
It’s eyes high, kind of
Like soaking it all in
With, in a daydream
Blue, green, all colors
Unseen, trespassing
Off the trail, it seems
Unreal as a heartbreak
Feels, led by the hand
Over the boulders to
Where cobalt waters
Dance and laugh, solo,
Remembering, It’s me
Singing like a stone



Small world
Traced on buttons and lace
Placed across the chest
Inspected through a glass

And I crack
A smile because I can hear
That same music playing,
Laying my hand over heart

Shaped gold
Holding in onyx, emblems
Melted more than those
Blended threads ever told