Of Spring

A greener leaf sleeps

Dreams of keeping the sound breathe

In, deep, ‘neath the freeze



“Jazz is dead”

Draft black, graffitied

Concreted hands up

Like some frown faced

Something or other

Walking away from

Candle light, yes

Dim, spilt emotions

You got to laugh at

That unresolving key

Purposely pressed

Against one knee

Nervously, tight, slack

Minor white, singing

Sweet good nights

On Understanding

Since, shy like

Left handed

Right on tonic

And gin sits, lit

With eye to eye

Flits in serious

Saturated depth

Wet, thirsty nib

Writ in illegible

Then tears, wears

Their stripped

One ply forward

Faced rolls told

Everything, more,

Home, it read its

Self through blue

Tones and bricks

Picks and sticks

To epiphanies

Lifting sheets

Drifting, landing

For The Rest Of My Days

I look at the painting, watercolor

Hanging on the wall and say

What should I

Optimist Club he was, grandkids

To the hilt, the good stuff that

Lasts a lifetime

And I wait for makeup to ship

A bunch of nonsense makes

Somewhat sense

Else, I’ll look down at new shoes

And say Hi, I’ll hike to the same

Take them there

Over the rock wall, where the

Ranger said mom and I could

Go, tear up again

When pencils hit blue sighs

As green meets the sky, I’m

Clad in khaki that

You paid while I’ll play on the

Same framed paper


I told her she had a pretty voice
Appalachian like
She sang to dixie chicks cassette
Set in pines, blues
Clues, never remembered, yet set
In what coursed,
Forced, so eloquently, innocently
Heavenly sent as

All along strung beats of song’s
Long fosters,
Institutions, abuses seated like
Bruises long gone
Wrongs brought in deep set eyes
Scrutinized, by
So many colors memorized,
Gray-green, into

Puke yellow, tell all nothingness
With faceless
Puppets, expressionless and
Numb, we’re all
Dumb to a subtle smile, off key
Soliloquies we
See as Nellie sings so beautifully


Thinking of prison
Of a patient trached
“Bath ready, I know
you don’t like this, but
we’ll be quick, then
make you comfortable”
Cardio pulmonary rolled
her eyes, “he don’t know”
You don’t, his blink

See, police aren’t jury
And there’s nothing
on that chart to judge
Blue inked post it call
detective when wakes
up, it choked, it didn’t
matter underlined hold’s
isolation masked facts
glanced back inside