Be careful what you ask for
More across an ocean’s
Shore line pleading just as
Mercilessly as emptied

Blue glass strewn mosaic’lly
Mimicking, mirroring its
Destination, horizontally as
If blending I’s into the sky



Pretty sure I’ve seen this thesis before
Granite gray and green, lichen overlaid
Painted textures you have to touch as
Catching a fate
Straight ahead, faints the blue, too lightly
Distinguished from cloudless mountains
Behind, like magnets at an inconceivable
Rate to an ocean’s
Opposite, its lightened foreground, bound
To deepest wishes, it’s symphonical hits
With tambourine heartbeats rolling hues
To shore, for more

Mainlined Like The Rest I Guess

When thrice yearly yearned
You slant park and smile at
Arrival, dressed nines, hiking
Pants and be seated twixt
Aluminum aspen columns

Under forever, glorious brick
Pick the blood orange saison
Brussels sprouts, fritters with
The tomato compote, spoke
As a connoisseur been there

Blackened ahi, lavender rice
Piled micro greens, avocado
Knows balsamic drizzles on
Anticipation of a swish with
Heaven graced on the plate

Laced powdered sugared
Warm paper bagged dough
Laid against cold cream hit
As something unmentionable
Under the table telltale’d later

As a shame, never tasted
Full faced menu, drank into
An everlasting bourbon keg
Lined with just the right time
Wasted downtown fine dining

The Causation

Surgical egg shell echoes
lone federal employees
money’s, never minded.
Pence’d obscenities un
standing position listed
prepositions. It’s shit on shit.
Neverland in goth. Made up
of nothing to spit a finger on.
Burnt and hurt. Blown casualty
on a blister says nothing of


It’s been awhile, while
I’ve passworded my
notebook app. That’s
chastity’ed locked.
Pre-morn shocked
aft gin and tonics
mention themselves
with formal introduction.
Induction into the delete.
Pretty, neatly dressed
in yesterday’s T-shirt