Rilke, my love
You wooed me to shame
You tempted my heart to
“Speak and proclaim”

As your white script pressed
Life on blackboard walls
You didn’t know, or did you
I sat silently in the hall

I couldn’t see the detail
Given by your beauties hand
But I heard each loving beat
As only I could understand

Not lessons, but callings
As by the sighted choice
As I , unseen, watched
Faithful, the osculating voice

Of wings warm and light
Sparkling through the dust
You knew I knew them well
You and I endeared their trust

I surrendered, eyes invisible
Hues through blackened words
As soul’s spectrum bared
To asystole’s song, unheard

The angels, yes, and you
Did not glance behind depart
Rilke, my love
You have broke my heart


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