Eggless pumpkin filling reads pinteresting. And oh, the crust! Replace half water with gin or vodka. The guy with a bow tie was right. Besides, pie crust scraps and gin for supper sounds good tonight.

Tomorrow, they’ll all fall in, dropping shoes and coats. They know anything goes. The game will be replaced with penguins or little singing yellow pills with glasses. Fancy stemmed for bubbly juice. Coasters…people! Not that it really matters. Plates scatter as tradition dictates. Wait, prayers…people! They are people. Little finger steeples, spiders, and olive heads nodding yes…please.

Scenes play like counted puppies covered in pink cranberry spots. One, two….where’s? Upstairs. Wash your hands… and they know it’s known they’re jumping on the bed instead, as the cook will look the other way, giving thanks.


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