For Generations

I’m not rhyming this one, although if I had a diary it probably would. Its been a bad month. I automatically picked up the phone to brag about my kids and just to talk, even though he’s been gone three weeks. Everyone does that. He had advised me not to worry about the election. I’m surprised I didn’t hesitate to call. He would have comforted me, even though I couldn’t tell him. He would be mad, mostly hurt. You’re great granddaughter is so sad. It’s bad at her school. I tried to think of what you would say to her… Its always been this way, hate. The fact is, if that hadn’t been in the running from the start and anyone else was elect, you’d be working on history homework instead of this. Gutsy for me. But, I’m trying to find an answer and quotation marks.

I can always cheer her up by talking about the horse she was on in the mountains. I can’t remember if I told you she’s planning on Colorado State. You took me hiking and I took her. Beautiful pictures, send more! I won’t show her the vandalism and bullying I read in their newspaper. I guess I thought our place was immune. She, and you, won’t need to know.

So, football on tv, by the way, the Cubs won. What’s for supper? I’ve been drinking, too much. That’s not good. I need to get back to the mountains. I’ll take her with. Even with all this, it’s still nicer. Be nice to people, be nice to yourself, they need it.


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