Chasing Dreams

Twisting the cork out
Like the last cigarette
To now what, but, the
Can, twelve pack and
Held pen like, traced
As it says over more
Emptied heart shape
Inscriptions hidden in



Why I – into oblivion
Unplanned or cared
But, it’s hard to think
With company sitting
Walking over keyboard
Silent hits, in glanced
Sideway looks to shut
The basement door
It’s winter in summer
Held in sweet social
Handed, honey please
Thick ink where it’s
Supposed to be thin
Skinned conversation
About them, yourself
Tells inattentiveness
On wine stained blank
Paper, fancied vellum
When sweaters hide
Themselves as steeped


I had to have a heart to heart. As Pennsylvania scrolled, I read it out loud into the phone of “I gotta go”. She left off the period. Its loud assumption of affiliation. Blame taped windows. I know.

Shown clear as a tree hugger fled from confrontation. Of, violent mob inscriptions lipped in aspen framed heart shapes
tearing it all apart in liable, slandered pieced confetti freeze framed. Raped .

Scraped knees, descending trail scree. Bleeds. And feels like it’s nothing. Numbed with whatever you’re binging on. Stop it. Tourniquet. With bound ascension into this morning’s red,
yellow’s bended

Lines Enabling

Traced around downtown
corners as an ankle bracelet
drags pen to paper maps’
vivid parallels telling starfish
kitchen sinks to drown down
empathies in inevitable flight
nights with the lights burned
on unforgettable retina blinks
thinks they’ve left negatives
in remnants colored inside the


Maybe that’s why I
Want to fulfil that
Invitation to fly to
Lithuania, away
from Belgium’s
Border, cultured
Lace refined, like
Eel slipped soup,
Pigeon lined coops
I can’t translate why
Seaside feet find
My Estonian shawl
Draped, waiting for
Lesser preserved
Amber’ed company,
In places of one’s